8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Walkthrough – tips, tricks, cheat codes for fun

When playing the game on mobile for the first time, you will be given options on how you would like your game data to be stored. You can either proceed with your Facebook account, MiniClip ID, Google Play credentials, or as a guest. However, playing as a guest will not let you continue your progress on the game if you play it on other devices.

Coins which look like poker chips marked with “P” in the middle is the main currency of 8 Ball Pool. You can also use “cash” to purchase coins. It seems like every game requires a certain amount of coins to bet. You will also need to pay 25 coins for you to practice playing. Coins can be topped up by free coins which can be claimed every hour or by watching ads. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, they also offer great deals which are surely a hit to those who have been hooked up to this game.

8 Ball Pool has a lot of game modes you can play. You can play one on one with a somewhat random player (you will be matched according to your level) on a certain category which has a specific amount to bet and prize to win. The bet also increases as the category level goes up. Prizes at stake also get better and fancier. If you are looking for a more challenging game, you can join the tournament where you will be matched with a total stranger who may have a higher or lower level than you. If you are just starting around or you have no idea how this pool game works on mobile phones, it is best to choose practice mode in order to familiarize all the basic functions of the game. Note that all the mentioned game modes follow the 8 ball rule where you have to shoot all the balls of the same type (solid or stripes) assigned to you.

MiniClip also offers the 9 ball mode on their latest update for the Android version. You will be matched with a stranger and the rules are totally different from that of 8 ball. In this game, you need to shoot all balls of the same type assigned to you in an ascending order. What’s great about this game mode is that it has a shortcut to winning the game instantly – just shoot the lowest-numbered ball and make sure that the 9 ball is also potted consecutively. If you need info about how to get more coins cash faster, you just need to run some of 8 ball pool tricks with web based and here one of them http://www.8ballpoolcoinhacks.com/, I use this once and works perfectly but don’t know about this time, you can try and tell me if still works.