Tours of Rivers by Boat

Tours of Rivers by Boat

River cruising is such a relaxed way of discovering new destinations.Two very distinct rivers to explore are the Mississippi in the USA and the Nile in Egypt.

Huckleberry Finn knew a thing or two about river cruising, albeit from a raft rather than a boat, possibly because Huck’s creator Mark Twain, was in fact a riverboat captain. The Mississippi is synonymous with a particular style of riverboat due mainly to the shallowness of the waters.

The boats with either 2 or 3 decks containing cabins and spectacular public rooms and overly decorated with sumptuous interiors live up to the name ‘showboats’. They really provide a great look inside the yesteryear of riverboat travel.

Many of the riverboat cruises on the Mississippi are themed – gamblers cruise, battlefields cruise quilters cruise so no matter what your interest there is probably a cruise for you.

Across the other side of the world you will find the magnificent river Nile and plying their trade, taking thousands of people annually on exciting adventures are another kind of river boat.

Still modeled on the grand Scottish built ‘steamers’ there are now a number of very modern vessels taking tourists to the many points of interest along the river. All creature comforts are provided and many boats now have as part of their ‘crew’ guest archaeologists and historians.

For the more adventurous you can also explore the Nile on board a felucca or a dahabiya (native houseboat). Not quite the ‘grand tour’ atmosphere of the larger river boats but certainly a great way to experience first hand the culture along the Nile.